Principal's Message

Mark Marinoble - Principal
[email protected]

A message from the Principal:

Welcome to Cedar Point Elementary, home of the Champion Cheetahs! At Cedar Point, we believe that every child and staff member is a champion in life! In order to accomplish this belief, we focus on teamwork and strive towards our school vision "Champion Cheetahs Teaming Towards Excellence!"

We have developed a champion pyramid to serve as a visual model of the key characteristics we want our students and staff to embody (see Champion Pyramid). Every week our school focuses on one characteristic of the champion pyramid. When students display these characteristics,they receive a champion cheetah paw from staff for their positive behavior. Students are recognized daily on the morning announcements and in the classrooms for these outstanding choices.

At Cedar Point Elementary, we are a Professional Learning Community. A Professional Learning Community is defined as an on-going process in which staff and students work together to monitor student data to ensure learning is occurring at high levels. Our goal is for each staff member and student to be lifelong learner.

To extend students' learning or to help remediate skills that have not yet been mastered, we have a dedicated daily time called "Spot Check". By closely monitoring student growth, our staff works diligently to provide students with timely and necessary feedback for success!

Our staff truly believes that our students, parents, and community members are our most-valued clients. Our hope is to make each Champion cheetahs educational experience positive, fun, memorable, and life changing.

Mark Marinoble

Cedar Point Champion Pyramid