Have a Great Summer!
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Summer is here! Click below for Summer Homework Calendars you can print and place on your fridge for short daily practice activities. They also include internet links and apps for more fun ways to practice.

Fluency and Voice Calendars

Expressive/Receptive Language Calendars

Articulation Calendars

Image result for home practice clip artWeekly Schedules, word lists, and activities are posted in the files and documents section for each speech or language area. If you're not sure which area to work on, feel free to contact me.

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Welcome to the Speech Room! 

The speech/language therapy program at Cedar Point Elementary serves students in PreK through 5th grade and their families and teachers. We work with students through the intervention and special education processes who have been found to have delays or disorders in speech articulation, speech fluency, voice, or expressive/receptive language.

Augmentative Alternative Communication

Students using electronic communication devices or core vocabulary boards with the goal of expanding their expressive language skills. 

6/8/20: The Core word of the week is LIKE

LIKE video

LIKE- Summer Theme Song

Please Check the Files and Documents under Augmentative and Alternative Communication for more!