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                              Week of May 25th- 29th, 2020 theme:

   Our theme of the week is MORE.  I didn't send an activity home this week for our core word, due to Memorial Day and having a shorter week.  However, I will be sharing a fun video on the word on our Thursday meeting!

Week of May 18th- May 22nd, 2020 theme:

This week we will be focusing on Needs and Wants.  I am attaching a link to a youtube video about Needs and Wants, this can also be found on BrainPOP Jr.  Once your child has watched the video, please have them fill out the attached worksheet.  I would love for them to share this with us on our Thursday zoom meeting.  (This has been a big topic of discussion in my household over the last two months, since we have been staying at home.)
Week May 11th- May 15th, 2020 theme:

his week we are working on letter writing.  I would like your child to pick someone in the school building and write them a letter.   This can be a class friend, teacher, or specialist.  Depending on your child's level this can be something done completely independent or it might be that they are tracing a pre-written letter. (Please email me if you would like me to create one for your child to trace, I am happy to do so.) 
This should be fun for your child and not something that stresses them out.  They are welcome to include pictures, as well.

Week May 4th-May 8th, 2020 theme: 

This week our theme is Nature and the 5 senses.  If you and your child have the time, prior to our Zoom meeting on Thursday, please go on a Nature walk.  During this walk, try to identify as many of the 5 senses (See, Touch, Taste, Feel, and Smell) that you can. Unless your child brings a drink or snack on the walk, no need to taste the grass, etc.  I would love for your child to share any or all of the the things they discovered during their walk. I attached a worksheet via email for your child to use as a reference.   

Week April 27-May 1st, 2020 theme

This weeks theme is All About Me.  Students are to create a poster with all of their favorites.  Please only use materials that you already have at home (magazines, markers/pens, stickers, etc).  I would like your child to share theirs with the group on Thursday during our zoom session.  This is not for a grade, this is something I want them to have fun with. Please see email sent. 

April 2020 Update:

Office hours via Zoom will begin this Wednesday and continue every Wednesday from 1pm-2pm.
This will be an open Zoom. During this time, you and your child can log in to say hello, ask questions about assignments, or just to share something fun. 

       Weekly themed Zoom session!
  Every Thursday from 3pm to 4pm.  This is not mandatory, however, I always enjoy being able to see your children, even if you're just popping in for a few minutes to say, Hello.  

                                                 March 2020

Hello Champion Cheetahs!!

We have great resources for you to use at home!  Technology is a key tool to use to help strengthen and expand our children's minds.  We want to encourage you to use these resources as much as possible during the break and summer time. 

Here are some suggestions:

Math Fractions, Starfall has some great games/activities 

          Telling Time - Analog and digital

          It never hurts to review addition/subtraction and identifying coins

Science Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas) - there are tons of experiments that you can easily find online to make this unit fun.  Simple ways to teach this would be in the kitchen, open the refrigerator or pantry and explore solid, liquids, and gas

Reading - all students have Raz Kids accounts, this is a great way to have your child independently read and work on comprehension skills, on their specific reading level

Writing daily journal - journaling is one of the easiest ways to get children to write.  I typically pick topics around holidays, words of the month, the weather, etc.  

Here is a list of websites we use daily in the classroom:



These are also great ideas to keep busy and active!


We miss you all and can't wait to see you next year!

Love- Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Arbogast


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