Champion Cheetahs, did you know I used to be afraid of flying?  I truly couldn't understand how something as heavy as a jet (approximately 307 tons without cargo, gas, passengers and their luggage) could stay in the air.  Well friends, the answer is pretty simple - it all has to do with force and motion.

Click on the icon below and conduct this simple activity called the Bernoulli Brain Teaser.

Borneulli Brain Teaser

Then, click on the icons below to visit the Smithsonian Paper Airplane gallery.  Choose and print your favorite plane and then join the Smithsonian Paper Airplane Challenge! 

Paper Airplanes                 Distance Challenge

CHAMPION CHEETAHS!  I just checked the weather for this week and it's only supposed to rain twice.  Let's get away from our devices and spend some time outside.  Here are some fun scavenger hunts to help review all you've learned about our earth this year.  Click on the link and choose your favorite.
Outdoor Scavenger HuntsFREEOutdoorScienceScavengerHuntsDistanceLearning.pdf


Click on the link below to find out how old our earth is.

Earth Day

If you had trouble linking to the virtual field trips on the Choice Boards, click on the links below.

National Aquarium

Hello Champion Cheetahs!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.

If you are interested in working with code this week, work through the lessons on Code.org.  Most of you have completed your grade level class in Hour of Code.  If you haven't, start at the beginning level.  

Remember, all the technology we use works because of code.  Humans create the code to make it work. It's important to understand how technology works, even if it's not very interesting to you.  I promise, if you try, you'll be surprised at how much fun it is!

Click on a grade level below to begin a class.


For engaging STEAM activities click on the links below.

K-1 Gear
2-3 Gear4-5 Gear

Click on the Science Buddies link below for some really exciting STEAM challenges.

Science Buddies

Here are some great instructional videos that will take you to the next level of coding. Brought to you by

Code Break Logo

Algorithms with Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Prototypes with Mark Cuban and Lyndsey Scott

Mark Cuban Lyndsay Scott

Encryption with Ashton Kutcher and Mia Gil Epson

Ashton Kytcher

Hello Champion Cheetahs! 

If there's any group ready to use whatever you have lying around the house to create things, it's YOU! For three years, you have been visiting the Tech Lab and creating masterpieces using nothing but recycled materials!  It takes a lot of creativity, thinking outside the box and following the engineering design process.  REMEMBER, most builds will NOT work the first time you test.  Refining something once you've tested it is part of the process.  

Try some of these with your family:

1. Build a musical instrument that has at least two pitches.

2. Build a marble run using recycled items.  It must have four changes in direction.

3. Build a paper ball or cotton ball launcher using as few items as possible.

4. Go on a four leaf clover hunt in your back yard.

5. Using household items, build a rain gauge and record how many ounces of rain falls in a given week.

6. Build a bridge (using no adhesive) out of pennies.

7. Make a bubble solution using dish detergent, water and corn syrup.  Make a bubble want out of a wire coat hanger.  Experiment with different amounts of each ingredient.  Which one creates the biggest/longest lasting bubbles?

Here are some great websites to explore the next few weeks:

SciShowKids has a lot of fun videos that explain everything from the Great Barrier Reefs to Growing Soap or Making your own Invisible Ink!


LEGO Challenge printable calendar.  Print and hang this on your refrigerator.  Build and send pictures to your friends.  Have them do the same with you.



Thank you to EVERYONE who attended the Opening Celebration of the
Tech Lab at Cedar Point Elementary!

Thank you Olivia Coleman and Andrea Shannon from Virginia Tech who spent the day with Mrs. Johnson's first grade class in the Tech Lab!